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Weddings at St Benet’s Church


We are delighted that you have chosen our beautiful church for a perfect setting for the sacred ceremony of matrimony.


To be married at St Benet’s it is necessary for one of the partners to be a baptised Catholic who lives in the parish. Other exceptions may be accepted (e.g. you attend mass regularly here at St. Benet’s) However in such cases written permission from your own parish priest is necessary.


Choosing a Date


Every effort will be made to accommodate your desired date and time. It is usual to give six months notice. To avoid any disappointments, it is important that dates are confirmed with the parish Priest before other arrangements are booked.



Your Faith


As Catholics, we believe in the profound dignity of marriage. It is regarded as a relationship of love, a life-long union. Jesus blesses you both in your

marriage and that is why we call it a Sacrament : a meeting with God in the presence of family and friends.


Some Catholics may wish to celebrate the Sacrament of Penance (confession) before the wedding. The priest will be happy to arrange this.


If Catholic, it is usual that you will have been confirmed before you are married. Please mention it to the priest if you have not.



How to arrange your wedding


Get in touch with St. Benet’s and arrange to see the Parish Priest. He will want to meet you and discuss your wedding plans. The priest can complete the

paperwork and explain the service to you.



Marriage Preparation


Because marriage is so important all couples are required to prepare fully_ not just for the wedding itself, but for the married life you will enjoy together. For

this reason we have a marriage preparation day every year.


Please contact us for more information.


If you cannot come then you must find a parish running a similar programme and supply a letter to say that you attended. Without this letter you cannot be

married at St Benet’s.


This course is designed to help you think about what you are undertaking when you marry. This is why it is obligatory for all those who are getting married here.


The course is led by married couples from the parish and the parish Priest. You will be accompanied by other couples who are preparing for their wedding at St. Benet’s. This day has proved a useful and popular way of looking at marriage and preparing for its challenges.



But I’m not a Catholic


If one of the couple are not Catholic or baptised some arrangements can be made. Details can be discussed when you complete your Prenuptial Enquiry form.

For all forms please contact parish office.



What about children?


It is usual for the Catholic partner in the marriage to commit that children will be brought up as Catholics. If either partner is uncertain about this commitment then please discuss it with the parish priest.



Necessary Documents


If you are a Catholic: A recent copy of the Baptismal Certificate and d ‘Letter of Freedom’ from the church where you were baptised. If you are not Catholic: Evidence of your baptism and a declaration by responsible persons that you are free to marry.



Personalising the Ceremony


Flowers: You are welcome to provide your own.





We can provide names for you to contact organists yourself. The Parish Choir may be available for a smalll fee.


The Folk Group may also be available, for a small fee also.


Fees are to be paid prior to the ceremony and placed in separate envelopes that are clearly marked.




You are welcome to record your service but a licence is required. We can provide an application form.


We do ask that the person operating the camera is discreet, and does not obscure the view of the congregation.




Once again, we request that photographers are discreet and do not disrupt the service in any way. It is illegal to photograph the signing of the Civil Register

but these can be posed later.


To apply and Church / Registration Fees


Please contact the parish office for Church and Registration Fees


To apply: Obtain a leaflet from the parish office.

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