St. Benet's & St. Hilda's



Care of the Sick:


As a parish community, we need the co-operation of everyone is caring for our sick, our lonely and house bound. If you have a relative, friend or neighbour who would welcome a friendly visit, please leave their name, address and phone number at the parish office.



Care of the Sick in Hospital:


In the past hospital chaplains were informed of all Catholic patients on admission. With the new Data Protection Act this is no longer so. You yourself must inform them. If you or a relative are admitted and would like a visit from the chaplain you should ask the ward sister or contact the chaplaincy office on 0191 569 9180. For emergencies requiring a priest, please ring 07769688749. If no one is available please ring St. Benet’s Parish office on 0191 567 2965.



Churches Together


We are an active member of the Monkwearmouth Churches Together, comprising three Church of England congregations, three Methodist, one Roman Catholic, one Baptist, one United Reformed, one Christian Fellowship, one Salvation Army.



Lighthouse of Prayer (Building Bridges):


Together with other churches in the city we ask our parishioners to commit themselves to pray for their nearest neighbours. Jesus came to reconcile us to God and to one another. Our vocation as Christians is to be peace makers. This is not always easy. One of the best ways of doing this is to pray for our neighbour. It is something that everyone can do. We can place our commitment in the box at the foot of Our lady’s altar.





As a Redemptorist parish we have been supporting our missioners in Zimbabwe . We are very conscious of their plight and the economic difficulties they have encountered in recent times. With the burning of our students’ chapel we have tried to support them. If you would like to help please collect a mission bottle from the back of the church and keep it at home for your loose change. Please return it when it is full.

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